Lisa Simmons – Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

I have been working in the complimentary therapy industry for 15 years starting out as a Reflexologist and then adding to my skill sets over the years. With all these therapies I tried them and benefited from them before I then became qualified in them. This is why I believe in all the therapies I practice because of the benefit I myself have experienced from all of them. I still attend continued professional developments courses to improve and grow my knowledge and understanding so I can help my clients even more. You never stop learning in this profession.

All these therapies can help you live a healthier and happier life. Reflexology can help with physical ailments such as migraine, back pain, eczema, asthma, stress and anxiety and many more. Reiki can help with physical ailments but can also really help with mental and emotional problems as well. With the incredibly busy lives we live these days counselling and life coaching can really help. I believe you don’t actually have to have a problem to seek counselling and life coaching. Even a few of these session can give you a different perspective on your life and improve it by changing the way you see things, think about things and deal with things. It can also help you deal with difficult things that may have happened to you in your life and help you deal with then differently in the future.  Having experienced all of these therapies on a personal level I know first-hand the benefit therapy can have on living a happy and healthy life and I still work on myself to continue my development.

I’m sorry I really can’t think of one about me but here is an alternative. 13.3 million working days a year are lost due to stress, depression and anxiety.