Sue Giltnane – Pilates Specialist

I have practised and taught Pilates for over 6 years and I can say without a doubt that Pilates has improved my performance in every sport and fitness activity I have engaged in – running, cycling, hiking, netball, swimming, weights, high intensity gym classes and much more. Most of all, Pilates has improved the way I feel, move and look in everyday life.

I am an experienced club and events runner, and Pilates has improved my running as I regularly compete in national events ranging from 5K fun runs through to full marathons.

I am married with 2 boys age 15 and 13 and enjoy family life. I am a very sociable person who always enjoys getting together with friends and family. In my spare time I really enjoy cooking, gardening and reading thrillers!

Teach Pilates, which offers both huge physical and psychological benefits. Pilates exercises change the way you move, feel and look when practised regularly and correctly. By improving your mind, body awareness and focus, tension is released from the body and correct postural alignment is achieved.  The creation of a “central powerhouse” through core stabilisation exercises is the most effective way to strengthen the torso and protect the spine for everyday activities. Using a diverse range of expertise, I ensure that my clients receive the most up-to-date and effective techniques available to enhance successful results.

I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. Teaching Pilates is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for both instructor and client.  When a client tells you they no longer suffer after living with constant back pain, or when a client leaves your sessions with a greater sense of wellbeing, motivation and positivity, you know you have the best job in the world!

I am absolutely petrified of heights and after many years of my husband and 2 sons trying to get me to go skiing, I finally succumbed this year… and absolutely loved it apart from the 3rd day in finding myself at the top of a black run and going down the slope on my bottom!

Next year’s skiing trip has already been booked!