Suzy Shand – Reflexologist

My name is Suzy and I am a qualified Reflexologist, I recently moved from south London back to Essex with my family. Renovating a house, settling into a new school, navigating a pandemic and building up my business have been occupying me over the last year!
I am a true convert to reflexology and know how much it has helped me and how much I missed it during lockdown. I’m a member of the Association of Reflexologists.

It’s simply THE most consistently relaxing treatment you can have, as I discovered to my delight. I have been hooked ever since.
I started my own reflexology practice in 2012, adding maternity reflexology to my repertoire. I hit gold when I found one of the UKs foremost reflexologist lived around the corner from me in London, she became my teacher, mentor, client and friend.
I have seen clients find relief from joint and back pain, fallen pregnant, seen significant improvement to their menopause symptoms, and overhaul their entire business strategy on the back of reflexology treatments.
By bringing about deep relaxation, emotionally and physically, clients are able to recalibrate and this regularly helps them move forward through whatever has been holding them back. I can’t claim it’s a miracle ‘cure’, but have seen clients reap huge benefits – and I’ve yet to meet someone regret a treatment!

(I’m not sure how interesting this is!)
I met Chandler from Friend’s in a newsagent (years ago), I was able to congratulate him on his new play which by some a twist of fate I’d seen him in the night before. I got the impression it was change from talking about Friends.
Also, I lived in Singapore for a time – I fell completely in love with the people, the humidity and the food. My goodness, the food!