David Schofield – Chartered Physiotherapist and Acupuncture

I was born and grew up in Australia and played a number of sports at representative level. I moved to Brisbane to play rugby league and went to university to study Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland.

A nasty leg break ended my rugby league career and it took me 2 years to be able to run again. I came to the UK in 1999 for a working holiday but fell in love with an English girl and have been here since.

I have worked in both NHS and Private Hospitals as a Clinical Specialist in Physiotherapy. Since 2012 my wife and I have run our own private practice with clinics in Colchester, Coggeshall, Kelvedon and now Chelmsford. With 3 children, we are a very active and sports loving family with cricket, rugby, netball and football being either played or discussed 24/7.

I am an Australian trained Chartered physiotherapist with more than 25 years experience.

I have worked with clients ranging from children to office workers through to elite level athletes. I am experienced in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions using manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. I am also qualified in acupuncture for pain relief and registered with the AACP.

I enjoy treating people as an individual. I like the challenge of trying to work out the puzzle of a person’s problem and then working to relieve their pain or dysfunction and restoring them to full function.

I was once filmed whilst treating a contestant on a Channel 5 reality/challenge TV show. My wife insists on keeping the recording of the show – I think it might be for blackmail purposes!