Janine Kingsley – Sports Massage Therapist

My Name is Janine, and I am from Chelmsford. I have a passion for animals which I have 2 lovely house bunnies and enjoy pushing myself at the gym. My favorite styles of fitness are weightlifting, HIIT style workouts, functional fitness, and Spin classes. I also have a love hate relationship with running. To keep me motivated, I like to enter different events every year. I always have a few races planned or fitness competitions to give me a goal to aim for.

I am a fully Qualified in Sports Massage, Hot & Cold Stone Massage and Personal Training.

After a minor shoulder injury, I was recommended sports Massage by my bootcamp instructor. I had a few sessions and could feel how much improvement I was getting through having them. I then kept it up regularly after. Having them regularly, my training has improved, as my mobility is so much better and I do not get as sore, so everyday life is much easier too. I knew that this was something that I wanted to be able to offer my clients and others to help them to be able to keep doing whatever activities they enjoyed and live everyday life pain free.

I once did Brighton marathon. It was a really hot day, I got taken over by a guy in a full rhino custom at 23 miles, but I still managed to complete it