Rebecca Rickett – McTimoney Chiropractor

I am a mum to two beautiful, very feisty girls, currently one scatty dog and a gentle and very powerful Holstein (Horse). Apart from trying to make my girls the best they can be and running around like a crazy person as all mums do, I keep my horse ticking over so one day I can get back to eventing which I love and used to be ok at.

When I was a about 14 and did more sport than hours in the day I suffered a lot with back pain, and chronic migraines,  I tried some therapies with no avail until I found McTimoney Chiropractic and have never looked back.

I believe that there is no greater gift to give someone than to take away their pain, help their mobility and better their overall wellbeing.

The beauty about the McTimoney technique is that the adjustments can be so gentle that it is safe enough for new born babies as well those with osteoporosis and everyone in between.

I have broken three bones in my body yet none done from the back of a horse! A few years ago at a competition I was merrily minding my own, warming my horse up for the show jumping phase of the day. I had done a couple of warm up fences and just about to finish the last one when my horse decided to run out at the jump almost knocking someone over. The poor person in question was fine, in fact they opened up their old barber jacket pretending that they had flash my horse which made him spook!! To my horror when I looked over to the lady to apologise I noticed it was “Princess Ann”, she was putting jumps up for Zara. Thankfully I never found out if I would have been sent to the tower for running a royal over!!